How does the individual design work?
Explanations of our individual designs can be found on our page Create your design.

  • You do your sport and record your sports data using an app, smartwatch, or other device.
  • You go to our page and upload your data here along with the necessary basic information (gender, dress size, garment).
  • Based on your data, our software develops your own individual design through special algorithms.
  • We will send you a design draft with different variations and you can pick your favorite design from them.
  • Your chosen garment with your will be sent to you.
How can I buy a custom design?
You can upload your data on our contact page and send us the details of your individual design.
What is the minimum order value?
When purchasing our products, no minimum order value is specified for our individual design or for our collections.
Can orders be made by phone or e-mail?
For orders for the individual product we ask for the use of our contact form on the contact page.
If you want to order parts of our collection, this is only through our shop